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January 2023
Dear current and upcoming students, parents and other stakeholders
  • IB Life: International Day, Well-being workshop, World Cup football event, Karaoke Night
  • News from IB & Pre-IB Coordinators
  • The IB team school year 2022-2023
  • An International School 
  • Green House Community
  • Get to know your teachers: Anna Line (IB secretary)
Tidbits from the IB Coordinator
Friday, January 20th, 2023, at 4 PM, we invite you to the school's Winter Festival. 
Instead of a traditional musical, the students have decided to make a festival with the theme of "DREAMS" this year. 
There are two parts to the festival: A show with dance and music, which takes approx: 45 min., and a festival site with various activities in a magical dream world.  
We hope to see as many of you as possible :).

Small snapshots from the IB department:

Solar Eclipse, October 25, 2022

Sometimes it is just seizing the opportunity (the next time a total solar eclipse can be experienced in Denmark is 2141). On October 25 at noon, our local and very engaged sun eclipse team invited us to a gathering outside the school. One could get an answer to questions such as: When the Moon moves in front of the Sun and Earth and casts its shadow on the Earth. How can the Moon hide the Sun in a Solar Eclipse? (Well, in advance for 2141... Danger: look at the Sun only with our sun-eclipse glasses!

Well-being workshops, Fall 2022

Life is full of surprises and challenges. During the last months of the year, the "Chaos Pilotes" from Aarhus hosted some in-depth well-being workshops. Students from IB, teachers and counselors participated and found it richly rewarding. For sure, we got some tools and methods to take forward.

Trick or treating - OR SINGING! And here is another memory from the fall, an invitation from students to students to karaoke night: Warm up your voices and get ready because the KARAOKE night Halloween-themed is here! Dress up if you want to - we’ll give you candies! Unleash that untapped talent of yours and join an evening where you can be anyone you want! From Taylor to Billie to Britney to Blackpink to Eminem to Elvis to Harry to Ed Sheeran and many more - we have all your favorite songs! We got the microphone, the lyrics, and the speakers, and we need you! Come by, sing a song (or listen to others sing), meet new friends, and WIN A RAFFLE by signing up for a free Danish Grammar Ebook (Very useful for us IB or any students here at AGT).  We promise - this Karaoke Party is going to be epic!

Georg Mohr competition, January 2023

Every year we hold The Georg Mohr competition, which is used to select Danish participants for the International Mathematical Olympiad named after Mohr. Jørgen Mohr (Latinised Georg(ius) Mohr) (1640 1697) was a Danish mathematician known for being the first to prove the Mohr–Mascheroni theorem, which states that any geometric construction which can be done with a compass and straightedge can also be made with compasses alone. The first round was held before Christmas, and those who have advanced to the next competition will participate in the second round on Tuesday, January 10.

Kind regards,
Malene Sørensen
Your way into the
wider world

News from the Pre-IB Coordinator
I have always found the new year to the be particularly inspirational. A time to reflect back on the past year and look forward to the upcoming year: What can I take with me from the previous year and what changes would I like to make in the new year? Every year I go through this process both privately and professionally. And pre-IB students, I encourage you to do the same.
December and the first term grades marked the end of the first half of your pre-IB year. You have now had a chance to get settled into the school, your classes and friendships, you have experienced your first evaluations, and following them you have now started up on all of your pre-IB subjects. I’m sure you have experienced both success and bumps along the way, and there should be plenty of material for a little self-reflection. What subject am I particularly proud of? Is my effort sufficient? What aspect of school could I work on improving? Am I a good friend? Am I getting what I expected out of the programme? Will I be ready to enter the IB Diploma Programme in August?
The new year marks a turning point in many ways, and in the pre-IB it marks a shift from settling into the programme to beginning to focus on the IB ahead. In the upcoming weeks we will initiate the process of choosing IB subjects. This process is kicked off by a thorough introduction to the IB programme,the subjects,  and the core requirements that make up the programme and the process ends with the students submitting their subject choices for next year at the end of February. A similar introduction will also be available to pre-IB  parents and guardians on February 6th via an online presentation in the evening. You need not sign up but simply turn up online. A link will be made available through your child once we get closer to the date.
Before we forget all about the year that has just ended, I also wish to draw attention to the Parent Teacher Meetings following the first term grades, where students and their parents can meet with a select few of the teachers to discuss the student’s academic progress and lay out plans to ensure the most success in the remaining pre-IB year. An invitation will be sent out shortly. I look forward to seeing you online in January.  
Best wishes,
Maria Friis Lindinger
Pre-IB Coordinator
Source: Creation of the IB Department at AGT, 2023. 

IB at AGT appetizer

If you know of any young people getting ready to choose a youth education, or of families relocating to Aarhus, please do share our video. You can also find our new IB brochure a little further up in the newsletter. 

IB Life


An International School right here in Tilst

As pre-IB students at AGT, an international school in Denmark, we have had the opportunity to be a part of many exciting international events.
Recently, the school celebrated International Day, where students had the chance to learn about and celebrate the diverse cultures represented at AGT. It was a vibrant and colorful event, with students dressed in traditional clothing, performing traditional dances and music, and sharing traditional foods from their home countries. This was a great opportunity for us to learn more about the different cultures represented at our school and to appreciate the unique perspectives and experiences that each student brings.  
As international students, we often feel a sense of community and belonging at AGT. We may come from different places, but we are all united by our shared experience of being international students in a Danish context. This can be both exciting and challenging, as we must navigate a new culture and a new educational system, while also maintaining our own cultural identities.  
Currently, the school is also focusing on the World Cup in football, with particular emphasis on the human rights issues surrounding the tournament in Qatar. This has been a great opportunity for us to learn about and engage with current events on a global scale. As international students, we have the unique perspective of being able to bring our own cultural backgrounds and experiences to discussions about the World Cup and human rights. These discussions help us to understand the global implications of the World Cup and to think critically about the issues surrounding it.  
Overall, being an international student at AGT has been a rewarding and enriching experience. We are grateful for the opportunities the school provides for us to celebrate our diverse cultures and engage with global issues. We are proud to be a part of such a vibrant and inclusive community.  
Per Odrich, 1i

Green House Community Project

On Monday, December 5th, we hosted the “Green House Community” workshop, with the participation of teachers, students and key speaker Søren Ejlersen, founder of Aarstiderne.
The program started at 2:15pm with an introduction of the vision and purpose of the event held by the IB teacher Teressa Neves. She explained the importance and the effects of being more sustainable in our daily life i.e., how to properly dispose of used materials, or how to grow our own food at home.
Afterwards we had a brief introduction to what Aarstiderne is, namely a company that has revolutionized the food industry by not only growing but also transporting organic and sustainable goods. Søren Ejlersen walked us through his life and how this changed when he decided to start Aarstiderne. He feels very proud to be able to not only have a less damaging effect on the world directly but also indirectly, by teaching and encouraging others how to do so.
Luckily we also got the opportunity to experiment with different areas of sustainability through group work like planning the size, height and width of an upcoming green house on school grounds and the benefits that it will bring us and the school’s neighbors. Being able to have a green house will be great for the  the students at AGT to be introduced into the subjects of gardening, sustainability, etc. and will allow some students to meet the learning outcomes in some of their subjects in a more creative and hands on way. The research part was really exciting as we also were able to ask Søren for his advice on what the best ways are to make this a project where everyone gets involved in a fun way. Overall, we all spent a great time receiving information that we can take home with us and even share with friends and family to start being more conscious of our actions and how these, as small as they seem to be, can have a great impact in the years to come. I personally will do my best to live my life in a more environmentally friendly way.  
Daniela Valerio, IB1

Get to Know your Teachers


Anna Line - IB Secretary

  • How did you come to teach at AGT?
    I started at one of the other Aarhus Tech campuses back in 2017, where I was an office apprentice At Aarhus Tech in Viby. In 2020 I was fully qualified and decided to seek out new challenges and in September 2020 I started at Studieservice here at AGT. To start with I primarily worked with the HF education, but when I came back from my second maternity leave in Maj of 2022, I started as IB secretary.
  • What strikes you as being interesting about AGT?
    AGT is a wonderfully dynamic place. There is such a great sense of community and plenty of space to be exactly who you are or wish to be.
  • What about your subject(s) excites you?
    On a daily basis I administer the pre-IB and IB students in relation to many different aspects: grades, exams, subjects, classes, admissions, projects, planning, calendars, mail just to name a few. I love my job. I enjoy being busy and being in touch with so many kind students and teachers every day.
  • Which of the learner profile attributes is your favourite and which could you yourself improve on?
    I would consider myself open minded, which is a necessity when deadling with so many different students and their individual needs. I also admit that I could be better at taking risks. It's easy to play it safe, but daring to do something different can also be rewarding. I think I'll try to be more of a risk-taker this year. 
  • What culinary dish says something about you?
    Anything Asian. Not sure what it says about me but I love eating Asian food. 

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